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The Atlas Project


The Atlas Project proudly offers the Atlas Kit, the perfect gift for the traveler in your life. It is a small Travel Kit for souvenirs which will allow any traveler to always carry their story with them from the places they've been in their Atlas Bottle to their treasured moments of Good Times with Good Friends in Cool Places written, sketched and colored onto their Atlas Flag.

The Atlas Project- Carry Your Story.


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Our Story

I would like to welcome you to Tribute Products. It has been a long road to get here, but here we are. To understand our products, I think it is necessary for you to understand the two reasons we named our company, Tribute Products. The first is that each and every product designed, produced, and sold is to be a Tribute to those who are doing good in this world. That is why a portion of every sale will be donated to one of the several charity organizations that we support at the choosing of our members- who we hope will be you- with each purchase. The second reason is that Tribute is our way of acknowledging that our ideas and projects didn't just materialize out of thin air but were the culmination of adventures that have spanned the world, friends and family who have inspired and fueled so many of our products, teachers, professors and coaches who taught me that failure can very well be your defining-moment if you let it, and finally, of course, my students whose idealism and boundless imagination reminded me that dreams were meant to be chased and never surrendered(5a and 6a forever the best!). So, here we are chasing our dreams. That is why I knew it was only right to have our products from the Atlas Kit to the Ultimate Slam be recognized for what they truly are, a “Tribute” to all of them. So, once more, welcome to Tribute Products.