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Never "Goodbye": Only "See You Later"

Three Ways to Guarantee that “Goodbyes” are always “See You Later’s”.

As you and your friend are about to part ways and continue life on your own respective paths. It can be tough not to see those final moments together as being, well, final. How can you ensure that your “Goodbyes” won’t be for life but just “See You Later’s” that promise that your paths will cross again one day. Well here are three clever ways to do just that.

1.     First Rounds On Me

Atlas Flag w: Money copy.jpg

Have both you and your friend take out about $10 dollars in your respective home currencies from your wallet. Then, proceed to sign your name, write the date and a personal note (if you would like!) on your respective bills. Then, exchange those bills between the two of you with the condition and promise that neither one of you will lose it or spend it until you see one another again. And, whoever visits the other first in their home country, then that first round is on them with their friend's money!

2.     The Letter Book

Book of Letters.jpg

This strategy works best if there are at least three people. Very simply, say you have three friends: Friend “A”, Friend “B” and Friend “C”. Friend “A” writes a letter to Friend “B”, but in addition to ending the letter with “Sincerely, Friend A”. Friend “A” adds one more line: “Dear, Friend C” at the very end. This way, when Friend “B” receives and reads the letter. He or She can immediately begin writing the next letter to “Friend C” and will, of course, end their letter not just with “Sincerely, Friend B” but with the final line being “Dear, Friend A”. The idea is to create a book of letters between and all your friends around the world. It allows all of your friends in that circle to keep up to date with one another’s lives while building something that keeps you all together. We do recommend that you date and number each letter as so that your book can keep its chronological order.

3.     A Travel Flag

Doni's Atlas Kit Pic.jpg

The Travel Flag is the perfect way to carry all of your stories with all of your friends from all over the world with you and be inspired every day to find a way to see all of them again. Straight out of the tradition of writing “HAGS” in yearbooks, the Travel Flag is a piece of fabric that you can carry with you on any trip. So, as you travel to see old friends, the old friends you are traveling with, or the new friends you meet on the way, you can have them all sign, write or even sketch on your flag. In addition, you can color in each country you visit and then when you are in between your travels back home, you can hang your Travel Flag up in your home to both remember all the good times with good friends in cool places as well as being inspired to go out and make new memories with them. You can find a Travel Flag in the Atlas Kit offered by Tribute Products.