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Shark Tank Application: How We Conceived and Developed, Part IV.

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Shark Tank Application

Describe the circumstances surrounding how you conceived and developed your business.


Since we have started selling our Atlas Kits, we have been often asked how this little project of ours came to be.  Well the truth is that the origin of the Atlas Project has several different roots with each feature having its own story.

Travel Map

As for the travel map (to carry your story), when I was in college, I was very fortunate to meet and become close friends with international students from around the world. We had incredible times together, but as with all travel and chapters to one’s life, it all eventually had to come to an end as one by one, each of my international friends would return home. I always felt bad that they never had that one final commemorative moment to celebrate their time here in the States, a moment they could hold onto similar to the way we sign yearbooks growing up. That’s when I came up with the idea of going to Staples, buying my international friends a classic World Map, and we would all sign it and write messages on it as a going-home gift.

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Journal Map.PNG

I never thought much of it aside from it being a thoughtful gift, but then, when I started traveling myself after college and visiting my friends around the world, the first thing I would always notice every time I was invited in to their homes was that map hanging up on their wall with everyone’s messages and signatures on it. That’s when I knew, I had to include a map in our Atlas Project, a map that could travel with people so that they too can collect and savior those moments, connections, and relationships they forged with the people they meet and travel with from around the world and be able carry those stories with them so that one day they too can have their stories live on from walls of their homes!

The Atlas Project