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The Atlas Project


I. International Coin

With every Atlas Project, you will find one international coin, our fun little promise is if you or the traveler you bought one for travels to that country, post a picture with their Atlas Travel Journal or Atlas Kit on Instagram and tags us @TributeProducts, then we will buy you or them the first round of drinks or ice cream in that country via Venmo!

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II. World Travel Map

This travel map is not meant to just stay at home as a decorative piece on the wall but travel. That way, not only can a traveler mark the places they go as they go, but you or your traveler can invite friends, family, and fellow explorers to leave their mark as well by adding their signatures, drawings or even writing a short note! Go "yearbook" all over it as we believe traveling is not just a list of places, but the people you meet and travel with, and the stories you all share along the way!


III. Atlas

Rather than having pins or scratches tell your story, we much rather you have the world itself. This small plastic container that is designed to hold small tiny pieces of the world (i.e., pebbles, grains of sand, seashells, etc.) that a traveler collects from each part of the world they travel! The more places you or your traveler ventures, the more of the world they pick up, and now they are holding more and more of the world- just like Atlas- The Greek Titan!

Atlas Store

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A must have for travel.

— Brandon King
Thank you, Matthew, for such a wonderful idea, to keep all of my trinkets in one place. I’m looking forward to the Caribbean and England, as those were my chosen coins!
— Erin Nichole
The cutest, simplest, most creative idea I had ever seen. I was almost jealous I
didn’t think of it.
— Tara Murray
Atlas Travel Journal has gone with me everywhere since I got it and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it!
— Mackenzie Hridel

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Our latest innovative original product. It is an all-natural flavored breathing filter that allows you to find that much needed escape in your day anytime, anywhere, and just breathe!



After a few months of R&D, customer feedback, and several iterations, we are excited to announce the official launch of our newest original product: Breathe. After having too many of my students in my classroom addicted to Jules, e-cigarettes, and basic cigarettes themselves, we’ve decided to do something about it! Breathe is a stainless steel breathing filter that incorporates two activated charcoal filters to purify the air one intakes, while at the same time creating a convenient central compartment where one can add herbal tea leaves to add that natural flavor which all my students claim to love with their Jules. So rather than breathing in toxic, nicotine-filled vape or smoke, my students can breathe in purified clean flavored air.

Next, inspired by the remarkably effective conscience breathing practices that have been incorporated in recent years into our elementary curriculum, which I personally was rather skeptical towards at first until I experience their immediate effectiveness firsthand with the little ones, we’ve researched and curated 5 different breathing program all of which have been medically researched and validate to relieve stress, lower anxiety, increase focus, etc. Essentially all the same claimed perks my students profess from their smoking habits, but with Breathe, they can enjoy all of that without the risk of popcorn lung or cancer. Each of these breathing programs are designed to last 3-5 minutes to allow you to #findyourescape anywhere and at any point in your day rather than just during a smoke break.

Finally, by using stainless steel, our breathing filters can retain the temperature of their environment. So, if it’s a hot summer day, we recommend putting your Breathe into the freezer for a few minutes which will allow you to breathe in nice cool fresh mountain air when you step outside, or, adversely, on a cold winter day you can leave it in a sunny window or run it under hot water to allow yourself to enjoy that warm gentle summer breeze. 

Breathe Store